Employee FAQs

How will I get my earnings?

Every employee will decide how to receive their earnings during the application process. 

If you have a personal bank account, you may provide information for direct deposit to that account.

If you do not have a personal bank account, you will receive a pay card at the time of your initial application. 

We no longer pay in live checks.  For your convenience, all payments will be deposited to your Cash Card or via direct deposit to your banking account.

Where can I get my paycheck stub?

To view your weekly paycheck stubs please log into your cash card account by visiting our employee self service tab or you can visit our office to receive a copy of your paystubs.

When and How will I get my W2?

W2s are sent late January to the most recent address provided.

If your address is incorrect during the time of W2 mail out, you'll need to come to our office with your valid and up-to-date I.D. to update your address and receive a copy of your W2.

To update your address or other personal information, please visit the employee self service tab on this site.

How to earn Vacation?

An employee who works 1600 hours, in a rolling one year period from the date of hire, will earn vacation time off. 

You may not have any unexcused absences in the 6 months prior to requesting this time off. 

When will I qualify for benefits?

To be paid for Holidays, you must have worked at least 1200 hours during the year since the same holiday from the previous year and have no unexcused absences 6 months prior to the requested holiday. 

To qualify for Medical Insurance, you must work 32 hours every week from January 1st to December 31st. 

What should I wear to work?

In Warehouse / Distribution Center:

Staff Line Issued Shirt

Well padded and ventilated shoes.  Tennis shoes are best.  No open toe or heel shoes.

Khakis or jeans.  Must be well fitted.

No loose or baggy clothing.  Pants must be pulled up and belted.

Long hair, jewelry or hanging clothing must be pulled back for safety reasons.